TA 2221 – Sail

Model with code TA-2221; It has a complete aluminum injection armature body and is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Equipped with Power Led technology.

Technical information
  • It can be produced between 6.0m – 8.0 in height.
  • Fixture skylight part and all spacers are aluminum.
  • The luminaire is made of high temperature and impact resistant tempered glass.
  • The fuse and connection terminal are inside the lower stem tube.
  • The body of the pole is steel stitched galvanized pipe, and the interior is designed with led light, laser cut motif, hair.
  • Dust and water tightness is provided with long-lasting silicone gaskets.
  • All screws and parts used are stainless steel.
  • The product can be painted with electrostatic polyester powder paint in all RAL colors.
  • Anchor rods are galvanized steel and 16 x 700mm in size.
TA 2221 LED 18-36 x Power LED 60W-90w 4000-6500K


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