TA 2372

Technical Information
  • The decorative garnish between the angle brackets is wrought iron. Top of the armature is made of aluminum and the light bulb safety cover is made of plastic material. Connecting components of the pole are made of aluminum cast.
  • Body tube and angle brackets are galvanized, steel stitched and electrostatic polyester powder painted.
  • Long-lasting silicone seals and gaskets are used in body part of the pole to prevent dust and liquid leakages.
  • If desired, polyethylene subbed plastic dye could be used for painting which protects the illumination pole from UV lights, extreme corrosion, substances that consist of acid and alkaline chemicals, also against paint disintegration, cracking and corruption.
  • Usage areas of this product are; Streets, Parks, Exterior areas of shopping centers, Side of walking
TA 2372 TC-EL E27 23W


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